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About us

“Whatever we can't get from Nigeria in its original, fresh, dried or grounded form and can't get a trusted local dealer to provide, we improvise”

Over the last 12 years we have studied and mastered The How in blending indigenously grown South African fresh food produce with imported food produce from Nigeria in such a way that you get the same home taste you would get eating homemade food in Nigeria. This means that we know the right water content needed for each food and know the exact cooking methods that bring out the best flavours in each food. This is why we are the number one and trusted name in Soup and Stew delivery to the choosy food loving West African community and friends in Cape Town.

The Secret of our taste

We understand that most foods in their natural state are saturated with chemicals. Even the so called organic foods are not 100 % organic as they say. Have you wondered why some foods like tomatoes, onions and potatoes could decay easily in a couple of weeks if not consumed? Have you observed that the cow leg in Nigeria is harder than the ones available in the market in South Africa? How about the chicken injected with liquid to enhance its size before it is displayed on the shelf? These things happen because Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are widely used in food technology which alters the natural process of growing foods and maturing livestock and how we manage these foods when cooking them are very important to our health.



Perhaps we could start by saying things a little differently. Like let’s pretend Nigeria is a woman and is married to many husbands (that is the ethnic nationalities), now the DNA of each husband would run in his child and the child can be easily traced to the father that way (that is the delicacy peculiar to each ethnicity). That’s exactly how it is. For example, fresh fish and seafood cuisines are the specialty of Rivers people.

This doesn’t mean that Rivers people can’t do justice to other delicacies but Rivers soup, obviously will be a walk over for them. Like I know of some tribes where you don’t give that big fish head to a man but ‘‘who born you to chop fish head when Rivers man dey house?’’. You can go and check it out. Fresh fish head pepper soup is the most expensive pepper soup in Port Harcourt.

There are bones of some small fishes like mudskippers and sardines that a Rivers person will chew and swallow but others can’t. So somehow, the kind of dishes we love and the passion and ease with which we cook them is traceable to where we come from or the people we have lived with for a long time. It is almost impossible for a Rivers person to cook soup without periwinkles (Isam) and it doesn’t matter if it is egusi or okro, it’s just something Rivers people love to eat so much.

So if you have never had a taste of real Rivers homemade sea food and fresh fish native soup thickened with cocoyam or the goat meat and dried fish version then walahi you are yet to explore the best of Nigerian food.
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Our Deliveries


Our Main Deliveries consists of Full Pot Soups and Stews, for 14 servings and our Half Pot Soups and Stews, for 7 servings


Delivered as brunch, lunch or dinner. Cost and portions of our special deliveries fall between our main and weekly menu deliveries.

Week Days

[Monday to Friday]

Delivered to Bellville, Belhar, Tygervalley, Oakdale, Kenridge, Parow, Lovenstein, Welgemoed and Boston. Click for details


We bring home-made Nigerian food to you as you will love it in the comfort of your homes.